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Women Empowerment

We Can...End all violence against women
State Alliance Workshop/ Meeting
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Formation of Self Help Groups and Micro Finance

We Can...End all violence against women ^Top
The South Asia regional campaign to end violence against women is a coalition of more than 400 civil society groups, organizations, and individuals in six countries of South Asia.

The campaign has been initiated by Oxfam India Trust a confederation of 12 organizations working together in more than 100 countries to find lasting solutions to poverty, suffering and injustice. Over the next few years, the South Asia regional campaign to end violence against women in the six countries seeks to achieve:

  • A fundamental shift in social attitudes and beliefs that support Violence Against Women (VAW)

  • A collective and visible stand against VAW

  • Popular support to end VAW

  • A range of local, national and regional alliances to address VAW

GVK, as a partner of OXFAM India is coordinating the programme “We Can”- a campaign on ‘stop all violence against women’ in Uttarakhand state. The programme has been continued since 2006 to 2011 and received a wide acceptance from voluntary organizations and the local communities. On advice of OXFAM, GVK has opened a secretarial office in Delhi to provide administrative support to Northern programme states of India. The strategy is to spread message on large scale through change makers.

The campaign is gaining popularity all over the state. The number of alliance members in the state has gone up to 28 while 24 NGOs and one network have also been associated with the campaign. Around 70% blocks and 2382 villages in the state have been covered under the program. 1231 more villages are supposed to be covered in rest of the blocks. The details of the activities conducted under the campaign are:

State Alliance Workshop/ Meeting  ^Top

Workshops and meetings for alliance members were organized. The objectives of the meetings were to share challenges and achievements of campaign and discuss for future action plan. During these meetings it was agreed upon that there is need to do regular activities for sustainable change. It will help to involve more change makers and follow up with them.  The participants stressed on the future planning as to shift individual change into institutional change. These institutions can support the change and continue this process. A set of activities like block and panchayat level event/ workshops and interaction with education officers, district level events in schools were identified to involve PRIs and educational institute in the program. 

Connectors Training and Capacity Building  ^Top

In order to share strategies for Phase II of We Can...Campaign, to understand gender discrimination and to develop newsletter dissemination plan of connectors, trainings were held at block level and through these trainings we reached total 362 connectors.

Again, more training were organized in all districts of Uttarakhand State to build the capacity of connectors, define their role and responsibilities and keep them motivated.

Mobile Van  ^Top

Mobile Van Campaign was carried out in 12 Districts of Uttarakhand for 4 days in each district to reach out to old change makers and re-engage them, sign up new change makers and spread the campaign messages, make contact with change makers who had signed up, but are not in touch. A total 26,330 new change makers were involved in the program. During this program 39,000 stickers displaying the messages of the campaign were also distributed for mass awareness.

Events with Educational Institutions  ^Top

Workshop with the teachers were conducted at districts level in all 13 districts of Uttrakhand to facilitate changes in practice and behavior at the institutional level within educational institutes, sustain change and deepen the change initiated among change makers within educational institutes, develop understanding of issues related to domestic violence and influence key personnel of educational institutes. In order to organize these workshops the District & Block Education Officers were taken into confidence. The schools are ready to take up and discuss gender issues in their various extracurricular activities like NSS program, parent- teacher meetings, competitions and wall righting.

State Level Event  ^Top

An state level event was organised in Dehradun to share the experiences and messages of We Can…Campaign with high level authorities. Chairperson of State Women Commission, State Director Mahila Samakhya, and Chairpersons District Panchayat, Dehradun were the important dignitaries.

During this event some change maker were rewarded for their efforts as a change maker in their individual and social intervention for elimination of VAW. A discussion was blown up by screenplay of ‘We Can’ documentary. A role play was performed with in an interactive way by highlighting Phase 2 messages.

Formation of Self Help Groups and Micro Finance ^Top

Formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs) is one among many ways of involving people in developmental activity and eliciting their participation. The purpose of forming SHGs is to develop a sense of ownership by making them an integral part of decision-making, giving them control over their resources.



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