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The Community become economically
self reliant and socially vocal towards its rights





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Organizational Vision/ Mission:
The society is economically self reliant and socially vocal towards its rights

The genesis of Garhwal Vikas Kendra has its roots at the time of the movement for the separate state of Uttarakhand in the mid eighties, when many social activists came together to champion the cause of the separate hill state.  Many of these social activists thought and discussed the wider issue of hill development and pondered over the path of sustainable hill development.

Many brought forward the issue that, for generations the inhabitants of Uttarakhand had their livelihood system based mainly on subsistence agriculture and animal husbandry and that the support base of these came from natural ecosystem, which provided them with food and fodder. In earlier times there was enough water sources and fertile top soil, which managed its subsistence agriculture. Dependence on forests for fuel, fodder, timber, medicinal herbs and other forest produce were part of its livelihood system. more...





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