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Balwadi Programme

Establishment of Village and School Libraries

Management and Operation of Libraries

Meetings of Library Facilitators and coordinators 

Workshop at Block and Cluster Resource Centres

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Garhwal Vikas Kendra Academy

Balwadi Programme  ^Top
Garhwal Vikas Kedra has been conducting Balwadi programme for poor children since 1997. Currently Balwadi centres are operational in 10 villages.  Most of the centres are operated in Panchayati Bhawan of the villages and 3 staffs including a teacher (Shikshika), an assistant (Sahayika) and a supervisor (Margdarsika) are appointed in each Balwadi to teach and lookafter the children and manage the centres.

There are 255 students in all 10 Balwadies. These includes 191 students of general caste in which 100 are girl students, and 64 student of schedule caste in which 36 are girl students.

The impact of Balwadi centres have been assessed as-

  • Balwadi centres have reduced the work load on women; now they have much time to spend for their household and agriculture work.

  • In Balwadi, the education is such that the child does face any problem; where as, staying and studying at home make him indolent.

  • Balwadi help to organize village community and form male and female groups.

  • The women folk have started discussing decisively about their problem within and outside the village.

  • The village women work for conservation of natural resources and cleaning the village infrastructures i.e. plantation, save forest and the cleaning of sewer and canals.

  • Child marriage has been stopped.

  • Women have small saving in their groups.

Establishment of Village and School Libraries ^Top
Room to Read’ programme is being conducting in Thauldhar, Pratap Nagar and Jaunpur blocks of Tehri Garhwal and Dunda block of Uttarkashi District. The aim of the programme is to enhance the capabilities of primary school children in writing, Reading and comprehension and ultimately make them confident enough to face educational competitions. The programme also enables children to broaden their horizons and develop an aspiration for learning. The main activities conducted under this programme are as follows:

Management and Operation of Libraries

Facilitators have been appointed to overall management and operation of libraries at school level. The coordinator of the program also made frequent visit to schools in order to see their management and effectiveness. A Bal Sarkar comprising of student as members and teacher as president supports facilitators in purchasing of books and executing other library related activities. Meetings were also held with Mamta Groups and Village Education Committee to discuss school norms particularly the school uniform of the students, assessment of teaching work in the schools, completion of home work, health and hygiene and sending children to school at time. A ‘Save the Book’  week was celebrated by the library members in the months December and April to refresh library books with binding materials made available by the organization.

Meetings of Library Facilitators and coordinators  ^Top

Monthly and quarterly meetings of facilitators and field coordinators were held to review the progress and work plan. Sustainability of program, capacity building of Bal Sarkar, cooperation of teachers and active participation of parents and village education committee were some of the issues discussed in the meetings. Appreciating the program, it was told that children are taking more interest in reading library books, their pronunciation has improved and now they are taking interest in all the curricular activities.  Registers are being maintained to keep the library records. Problems encountered in conducting the program were also shared by coordinators in their monthly meetings. They were directed to focus on language and that the children should understand and pronounce the words correctly.

In order to build capacities of facilitators and field coordinators training were organized.

Workshop at Block and Cluster Resource Centres  ^Top

Workshops were held at block and cluster resource centres on Reading Kit (PREP). The participants including teacher and facilitators learnt about their role in management of books and libraries and the role of libraries in broadening the horizons of the students. The block education officers are consulted in all meetings.

Other Activities  ^Top

A summer camp was organized in some Inter Colleges of the block.  Competitions of story telling, poem recitation, hand writing, drawing (on nature), cultural program, plantation and exhibition were first held at school and cluster level, and then block level.  The winners were honored with various prizes.

The book fair was organized, where children from different schools came to read the books exhibited in the fair. All other activities like Children day, Teachers day, Independence Day and World Literacy Day were celebrated in all the schools with full participation and enthusiasm.

Garhwal Vikas Kendra Academy ^Top
After the successful feedback from Non-Formal Education programme, a Primary School named GVK Academy was established in the year 1997. The Academy is situated at Srikot, Jaunpur of Distt. Tehri at the centre of the working area. Now, it has been upgraded as Junior High School. The school is being run by equal contribution of organization and community. It has one hectare of land that would be developed as school building and demo centre of agro-horticulture techniques. To attract more girl child towards education a relaxation of 20% in fee and free education for those who are economically poor has been proposed.



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